Community Coffee

On the first Friday of most months, we host a casual coffee time at 9:00 am where we talk about the broad reach of DAC as a community coalition.

We want to talk with you about your interests and your passion so that going forward we can connect you with people and projects that fit with your passion.

Treatment and Intervention

Intervention Committee Meetings are held at noon on 1st Monday of each month. 

The Treatment & Intervention Committee consists of intervention, treatment, residential professionals and organizations working to improve the health and lives of those who are experiencing addiction.

Find more information here.

Restorative Justice

Restorative Justice Committee Meetings are held at noon on 1st Tuesday of each month. 

The Restorative Justice Committee consists of law enforcement, courts, probation, and related programs that work to identify illegal behavior, apprehend violators, and work actively for positive community policing.


Prevention Committee Meetings are held to noon on 4th Thursday of each month. 

The Prevention Committee consists of community organizations focused on youth and adults, working together to provide education and positive life styles to prevent the use of drugs & alcohol.

Our City, Our Voice

The Our City, Our Voice Collective is a hybrid group of young adults and youth serving organizations working together for the common good of our community. The group also includes a separate young adult collective that focuses on specific project development in the Allen County area. Monthly meeting times vary.

Mothers with mental illness & SUD

Mothers with Mental Illness and Substance Use Disorders is a group of local professionals working together to support new and expecting mothers in the community with various resources regarding post-partum depression, mental illness, and substance use disorder. Monthly meeting times vary.

Overdose fatality review team

The Overdose Fatality Review Team is a confidential group comprised of key stakeholders in the Allen County Community that review the context of surrounding an overdose death. We have team members from all avenues of prevention, intervention, restorative justice, research and those who have personal experience with addiction. We strive to look at the whole person and learn how to collaboratively work in Allen County to prevent another death. 



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