Alcohol Information | DAC Allen County Drug & Alcohol Consortium
  • Is a controlled substance by the FDA and by state laws
  • It is illegal and unsafe for anyone under the age 21 to drink
  • Approximately half of the US population chooses not to drink
  • One serving of alcohol is equal to:
    • One 12 ounce beer at 6% alcohol content
    • Craft beers at 9-13% alcohol are more than one serving.  A large 24 ounce can at 12% alcohol is four drinks in one serving
    • One 5 ounce glass of wine.  A large glass can hold two servings
    • One shot of liquor or spirits:  vodka, gin, rum, and others is 1.5 ounces.  Many drinks and cups hold between two and seven servings in one cup.
  • Binge Drinking is when more alcohol is consumed than the human body can metabolize or process.  Binge Drinking is four (women) or five (men) servings in a two hour period of time.