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Fort Wayne Recovery

Fort Wayne Recovery is a state-licensed, Joint Commission Accredited Addiction Treatment Treatment Provider. While individualized Addiction Treatment is the primary focus, clients will have the opportunity to receive care for Mental Health Disorders as well. Fort Wayne Recovery's Outpatient Levels of Care include Partial Hospitalization, Intensive Outpatient and Outpatient. Recovery Residence housing is available for those that wish to live in a clean, safe environment while attending treatment.



Ridgeview Hospital

The treatment services at Ridgeview are based on a medical staff model with a licensed physician responsible for the quality and appropriateness of care. The multi-disciplinary treatment team, working under the supervision of the physician, is composed of licensed and credentialed staff, highly trained and experienced in effectively implementing treatment plan objectives. All patients who are approved for admission will be treated with dignity and respect within a milieu that is conducive to their long-term recovery. The service components are designed primarily for adults between 18-75 years of age, who experience mental health issues serious enough to require an inpatient level of care, or, those who experience the co-occurring disorders of mental illness and addiction issues of the same severity. Specialized treatment interventions are developed based on population need and patient census.


Headwaters Counseling is a private, not for profit counseling agency in Fort Wayne, Indiana. We provide outpatient counseling services for persons who have behavioral health needs or are at risk of harmful involvement with alcohol or other drugs. Services are available to children, families, and adults of all ages. Through a team approach and the active participation of the persons served, the overall goal of our program is to improve the quality of life and the functional abilities of the persons served.


The Lighthouse exists to serve those struggling with life-altering addiction by providing structure, education, support, housing, and mentorship from a faith-based perspective.



Center for Behavioral Health has a convenient drug addiction treatment center in Fort Wayne.