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Questions submitted for mini-grants:

Q. 1 For question 18, asking about demographics, is it best to include information for the whole agency, for the program we are applying for, or both?

A. Both would be great if you know them.

Q. 2 For question 23, what is considered adequate for "other qualified certification organization[s]"? For example, is Prime for Life certification through Prevention Research Institute adequate? Or Licensed Mental Health Counselor?

A. In reference to therapists providing clinical treatment, if they are an LMHC or LCSW, they must have their license or certification through the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency.

Q. 3 I received the grant information, but need to know more about the purpose/goals. I assume it is for preventative services for youth? Where might I find more information?

A. The purpose of the funding is to decrease the impact of substance misuse and/or prevent the onset of use. Please reference our agency information to gain a better understanding of our mission and goals.