Mission & Values | DAC Allen County Drug & Alcohol Consortium


Our purpose is to provide an effective network to collaboratively prevent substance abuse, primarily by youth, and to reduce the negative impact of alcohol and other drugs in the Allen County community. 


  • Community solutions require unified community collaboration
  • Diversified resources and interventions are required for successful impact
  • Research and data-driven methods are required to assure effectiveness
  • Centralized information, resources, and coordination is the most efficient approach

Key Tasks

  • DAC is the builder of the coalition that establishes and facilitates shared Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drug (ATOD) priorities in Allen County
  • DAC is a distributor of funds & resources related to ATOD prevention in Allen County
  • DAC is recognized as a key evaluator of ATOD programs
  • DAC is the clearinghouse of information for effective ATOD programs and legislation for Allen County related to those issues