Meet The Team

Emily DelGrosso, HS-BCP, BS
Project Coordinator

Emily has been with DAC since August of 2019. She started out as an intern with us from Purdue Fort Wayne, then we decided to keep her on once she graduated with her B.S. in Human Services and decided to move back to her home state of Oklahoma! She got married in June of 2020 and has a fat cat named Opal. Emily is a Notary Public and a Human Services Board Certified Practitioner. Here at DAC, she coordinates our new Handle with Care and Trauma-Informed Communities program and contributes to DFC efforts. 

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Amanda Clemmer, BA
Community Liaison

Amanda has been with DAC since July of 2020. She has worked for mission-driven organizations in both Washington, D.C. and northeast Indiana with a focus on advancing women into positions of leadership. With experience in development, event planning, and other administrative responsibilities, Amanda supports the DAC staff in carrying out their mission. When not at DAC, she is busy raising her family and finding other ways to move her community forward.

Kris Wise
Title Coming Soon

Description of Kris's chaos coming soon!

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Bill Rondeau
Finance Manager

Description of Bill's shenanigans coming soon!

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Ms. Dorris
Title Coming Soon

Details on Ms. Dorris' duties and drama coming soon, too!

Jennifer Norris-Hale
Title Coming Soon

Details on Jen's doings coming soon!

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MaryClare Clark, MSW, LSW

MaryClare has been with DAC since July of 2018. She has worked in behavioral health, child welfare, and with women in crisis over her career. She is a social worker, mother, ally, and advocate. She hopes to impact community level change in Allen County to improve the skills and capacity of the public servants, treatment providers, volunteers and educators who are working to end the drug crisis through collaboration, prevention education, and strategic planning.

Monique Johnson, MEd
Director of Youth and Older Adult Initiatives

Monique started at DAC in August of 2019. She has experience in working with youth and community systems to build upon the strengths of young people with significant barriers to success. She is compassionate and dedicated to improving outcomes for the Allen County community, particularly our youth. She oversees our Drug Free Communities federal grant, where she works with a 12-Sector Coalition to find innovative ways combat youth substance use and underage drinking and to reduce complex trauma for youth. Monique serves as an education liaison where she works to identify and reduce traumatic experiences, through initiatives such as Handle with Care, the Indiana Youth Survey, and the School Safety Committee.

Tanya McKinney, BS MOL
Director of Community Initiatives and Major Projects

Tanya has been with DAC since Fall of 2018. She and her husband Terrell have two beautiful girls who have stolen the hearts of the whole team - especially during COVID, since we are all deprived of human connection! Tanya is our Director of Community Initiatives. In this role, Tanya gathers and assembles demographic and societal statistics to prioritize funding and programmatic goals. Her work drives DAC’s community change initiatives that align with our most pertinent mental health and substance use concerns. This work also ensures the outcomes we are seeking are effective and impactful. Tanya coordinates with our state partners to communicate our work in a way that helps them to understand the status of our community’s needs and successes.