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Mission & Values

key tasks

  • DAC is the builder of the coalition that establishes and facilitates shared Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drug (ATOD) priorities in Allen County

  • DAC is a distributor of funds & resources related to ATOD prevention in Allen County

  • DAC is recognized as a key evaluator of ATOD programs

  • DAC is the clearinghouse of information for effective ATOD programs and legislation for Allen County related to those issues

our mission

Our purpose is to provide an effective network to collaboratively prevent substance abuse, primarily by youth, and to reduce the negative impact of alcohol and other drugs in the Allen County community. 


  • Service

  • Social Justice

  • Dignity and Worth of the Person

  • Importance of Human Relationships

  • Integrity

  • Competence

Health Disparity and Substance Use Disorder

One of the highest need populations we aim to serve includes those facing discrimination in their everyday lives. It is widely recognized that a supportive and affirmative adult can decrease the incidence of any youth engaging in underage drinking and substance use. 

National and local data evidence that youth who identify to be in the LGBTQ+ community are at a higher risk for underage drinking and substance use than their heterosexual peers. Data also tells us that youth who are part of immigrant and refugee families, minority populations and those living in poverty have higher risk factors for substance use and underage drinking. 

It is imperative that we listen to those whose voices have been stifled over time. You will notice on our social media feeds that we focus many of our prevention efforts on serving the LGBTQ+ community, immigrant and refugee families, and lower-income and minority communities within the boundaries of Allen County. We do this because we recognize the heightened need for this within these communities and because we want to express that we hear you, see you, and support your wellness.

Thank you for your interest in DAC and your continued support in our vision to prevent youth substance use and to end the negative impact of alcohol and other drugs on the Allen County community.

For more information on county, state, and national data, available programming, and other resources related to substance use disorder, please visit the resources page of this website.

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