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Mom of an Addict celebrated their second birthday this summer!

They meet weekly at The Chapel in Fort Wayne on Tuesday evenings, and there are about 65 people who call that meeting “home.” These meetings are a place for parents, spouses, siblings, and other family members to connect and share as they grow and learn.

This summer, they launched their second meeting location in Warsaw at Pathway Church. They meet on Thursdays and see roughly 20 to 25 different faces there. Jen Hope, Founder and Director of Mom of an Addict, says the attendees of these meetings, along with those at the Fort Wayne meetings, are also feeling encouraged and not so alone.

In June, they had Dream On Studios film a 20-lesson curriculum. They are planning on starting two new meeting locations in Fort Wayne and will be expanding their message even more once the videos are ready.

Jen says of this new curriculum, "I remember what it feels like to be awake all the time, wondering where my child was and not having anyone to tell. I know there are hundreds of thousands of other parents and family members out there right now feeling like I used to, and I don’t want them to feel alone anymore."

The second annual Recovery Rocks will be held on Saturday, September 11 at Sweetwater’s Performance Pavilion. They have an outstanding lineup of speakers, food trucks, live music, and 52 resource tables confirmed to be present. This event looks to spread hope, end the stigma, and connect people.

Mom of an Addict was just featured in the newest edition of Living Northeast Indiana magazine. In this article, you can read the words of one of their regular meeting attendees.

Here is the link to that article:

DAC is honored to play a role in the important work that The Mom of an Addict is doing in our community. We are excited for what's to come from Jen Hope and The Mom of an Addict.

Indiana (July 7, 2021) – The FSSA Pregnancy Promise Program is now accepting referrals. Below, you will find a letter from FSSA’s Chief Medical Officer, along with outreach materials provided in both English and Spanish. The poster and flyer contain information about the Pregnancy Promise Program, who can participate in the program, and how to make a referral. Thank you for your interest in this effort. Together, we can offer the promise of a better future for mothers and infants across the State.

Amani & DAC Official Partnership!


Amani Family Services and Allen County Drug & Alcohol Consortium have taken their partnership to a new level. 


In order to better serve some of our county’s most vulnerable populations, including immigrants, refugees, and families that use English as a second language, DAC has partnered with Amani Family Services to provide consulting in the topics of cultural humility and strategic planning as well as community programming including Bienvenido, Prime for Life, Project ALERT, WISE, and WRAP.

Strategic Action Plans