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DAC Reorganization for Membership and Levels of Membership

Fort Wayne, Ind. (January 6, 2021) – Please see the below PSA for an exciting announcement regarding membership at DAC.

Executive Summary of the 2020 Indiana Youth Survey

 Here is the up-to-date, whole state data from this year’s Indiana Youth Survey (INYS). 


Here is the up-to-date, Allen County specific data from this year’s Indiana Youth Survey (INYS). 

Some statewide takeaways:

  • Marijuana use is fairly parallel over the past 4 years, while alcohol and cigarette use has been steadily declining since 1994. (see chart on page 3)

  • Parents were the primary source of alcohol for youth in 7th and 8th grades who drank alcohol in the past year, while older students (9th through 12th grade) who drank alcohol in the past year were most likely to report getting it at a party.

  • Approximately half of the students said they think there is no risk or only slight risk of harm from taking one or two drinks of alcohol nearly every day.

  • The percentage of students who said that they believe there is no risk or only slight risk of harm from smoking marijuana once or twice per week increased with grade-level. Over two-thirds of 12th-grade students (67.8%) reported believing there is negligible risk of harm from participating in the behavior [smoking marijuana].

  • Students believed that a much higher percentage of their peers had used each substance than the percentage who had actually used that substance.

  • The percentage of students who said they felt so sad or hopeless for two or more weeks in a row in the past year that they stopped doing usual activities ranged from over one-fourth of 6th-grade students (28.9%) to 39.2% of 10th-grade students.

  • Half of the female students in 10th grade (49.8%) reported experiencing this level of sadness.

  • Over one in nine 6th-grade students (11.8%) reported that they had seriously considered attempting suicide in the past year, while almost one in five 10th-grade students (19.3%) did so. Nine percent of 6th-grade students said they had made a plan about attempting suicide in the past year, ranging to 14.3% of 10th-grade students.

Amani & DAC Official Partnership!


Amani Family Services and Allen County Drug & Alcohol Consortium have taken their partnership to a new level. 


In order to better serve some of our county’s most vulnerable populations, including immigrants, refugees, and families that use English as a second language, DAC has partnered with Amani Family Services to provide consulting in the topics of cultural humility and strategic planning as well as community programming including Bienvenido, Prime for Life, Project ALERT, WISE, and WRAP.


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