Congratulations 2019 Grantees! | DAC Allen County Drug & Alcohol Consortium

Congratulations 2019 Grantees!

The Allen County Drug & Alcohol Consortium (DAC) Awardees this year include the following organizations and their objectives:

  1. Allen County Community Corrections: Tangible Rewards Program
  2. Allen County Jail Chaplaincy: Substance Abuse Class
  3. Amani Family Services: Immigrant and Refugee Support
  4. Bridge of Grace Compassionate Ministry Center: Keepin’ It Real 46806
  5. Cornerstone Youth Center: ATOD Prevention Program VIVA
  6. Crosswinds, Inc.: Counseling for Schools & Students at Risk
  7. Drive Alive: One Simple Decision Driving Simulator
  8. Euell Wilson Center: ATOD Prevention Program
  9. Fort Wayne Police Department: Advancing Training for Drug Recognition Experts
  10. McMillen Health: Drug/Alcohol/Tobacco Prevention Education
  11. Powerhouse Youth Center: Building H.E.A.R.T. - Healthy Empowered ATOD Resilient Teens initiative
  12. The Recovery Center of AADP: The Recovery Center of AADP Indigent Fund

Other Funds: DAC will have a training allowance of $11,532.66 for law enforcement and judicial agencies to assist in Trauma-Informed Policing, Community Policing, Crisis-Intervention for Mental Health & Substance Abuse. DAC will also provide Intervention Scholarships throughout the grant years for Individuals in Recovery who are struggling to pay fines related to treatment services, with a total of $47,954.66.

Speaking on behalf of DAC and the many partners listed above who are receiving these funds to meet DAC’s mission: We appreciate the leadership at the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute, the Department of Mental Health and Addictions, the County Auditors Office and all of our public servants. We especially want to thank our law enforcement agencies are at the front-line of this opioid (and other drugs) epidemic and we are able to provide these programs because of the hard work they do.

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