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PR: Addiction Services & COVID-19


DAC: Resourcing knowledge, hope, and love for a healthier community

The dac team has created a resource guide for all substance use related agencies and assistance during covid-19


MaryClare Akers, MSW, LSW, Executive Director

Allen County Drug & Alcohol Consortium, Inc.; m: 260-413-5162


Allen County Department of Health

Fort Wayne Medical Education Program

The HART Team, Parkview Health Peer Recovery Coach Specialists, and Fort Wayne Police Department

The Bowen Center, Park Center, Center for Behavioral Health, Headwaters Counseling


The Allen County Drug and Alcohol Consortium (DAC) presents a resource guide for our community members. This guide is to help best equip our partners in recovery continue to receive and obtain support during this time. DAC work to ensure that we collaboratively meet the needs of everyone in the Allen County Community especially those in active recovery. DAC is collaborating with partner agencies across prevention, education, law enforcement, treatment, intervention, local, state, and federal government and the public health system.

As agencies serving individuals with Substance Use Disorder adapt services to meet social distancing, executive orders for gathering, and public health recommendations, DAC is updating their website continuously. This is a difficult time for everyone, and we remain committed to serving our community in resourcing knowledge, hope, and love for a healthier community.

Mission: The Allen County Drug and Alcohol Consortium’s purpose is to provide an effective network to collaboratively prevent substance abuse, primarily by youth, and to reduce the negative impact of alcohol and other drugs in the Allen County community.  

Please go to the Allen County Drug & Alcohol Consortium’s website for a list of resources, which will continue to get updated as more information is collected. Reach out to DAC on social media, our website, or by emailing  if you have any questions or additions to the resources provided. For immediate treatment assistance, call the HART hotline 260-427-5801.

*See the additional attachment for the current resource list compiled (pdf attached)

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