Project ALERT

A skills-based curriculum that teaches teens how to say “NO.”
Each day, America’s teenagers are bombarded with misleading messages about drugs. Glamorized by media and endorsed by peers, the consequences of drug use and experimentation are dangerously disguised, and often hidden altogether.
The reality is that drug use can alter a teen’s life forever. That’s why every student should be given the tools to make a decision against using drugs - and the best place to give them those tools is your classroom.
Easy to adopt. Proven to work.
Project ALERT is a free classroom-based substance abuse prevention program for 7th and 8th graders that is proven to reduce the experimental and continued use of drugs.
Through a series of comprehensive lessons, Project ALERT motivates students against drug use, cultivates new non-use attitudes and beliefs, and equips teens with the skills and strategies they’ll use to resist drugs.
Project ALERT is proven to:
Motivate students against drug use
Provide skills and strategies to resist drugs
Establish new non-use attitudes and beliefs
The Project ALERT curriculum was developed and field tested over a ten-year period by RAND, the nation’s leading think tank on drug policy. RAND research demonstrates that teens have a mindset about drugs. By shifting the pro-drug mindset, students of Project ALERT administrators have benefited from these measurable results:
• 40% drop in students already experimenting with cigarettes in becoming regular smokers
• 24% lower alcohol misuse score
• 20% reduction of highest-risk early drinkers
• 20 to 25% decrease in cigarette use during the past month
• 33 to 55% decrease in regular and heavy usage of cigarettes
• 60% decrease in current marijuana use
Project ALERT is also proud to be the recipient of near-perfect scores on the US government’s own review process, the NREPP (National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices).
These scores and results confirm that Project ALERT is grounded in solid science and easy to effectively implement in the classroom. But most importantly, they show that your ability to help students make the right decisions about drugs isn’t just possible, it’s proven. To see how Project ALERT stacked up against other substance abuse programs, view our results at
The Project ALERT two-year core curriculum consists of 11 lessons that are most effective when taught once a week during the first year, plus three booster lessons that should be delivered the following year. Project ALERT complements other curricula and can be implemented in conjunction with lessons from sex education, health, physical education, science, and social studies.

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