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Resourcing knowledge, hope, and love for a healthier community.

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Allen County Drug and Alcohol Consortium

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We are Allen County's local coordinating council. We offer regular community meetings, wellness classes for seniors, oversight of the BRAVE Alliance, annual mini grants to local organizations, ATOD trainings, intervention scholarships for clients at local recovery residences, facilitation of overdose fatality reviews, and more.

Our Meetings:

Successful Meeting
Team Meeting

LCC Meetings

All community members and professionals working toward any part of our mission are welcome to join us at our bi-monthly LCC meetings. They will be held on the 3rd Thursday of odd months from 12:30 p.m. until 2 and are hybrid.

In a Meeting

Overdose Fatality Review

OFR Meetings are similar to what you might know to be a child fatality review, or maternal mortality review in which experts and individuals with lived experience examine the most recent and most concerning data and deaths to work towards solutions that are generated from a broad spectrum of stakeholders across the health and treatment communities.



Major Funders

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