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Our Team

Monique Johnson, MEd (she/her) | Interim Executive Director | at DAC since August 2019


Monique started at DAC as the DFC Project Coordinator and currently serves as the Interim CEO. She began her career as a K-12 educator and has significant experience working with various community groups and systems to build upon the strengths of those with barriers to success. Monique is passionate about improving outcomes for those in our city and the surrounding areas. She is a dedicated leader and advocate for our most vulnerable populations. Additionally, Monique teaches in the Human Services Department at Purdue University Fort Wayne. She is a wife and mother to two grown children, as well as mom to an incredibly cute and spoiled canine fur baby named Fawn. 

Tanya McKinney, BS MOL (she/her) | Director of Operations | at DAC since Fall 2018


Tanya is responsible for the oversight of several of our grants and serves as our Director of Operations here at DAC. Tanya gathers and assembles demographic and societal statistics to prioritize funding and programmatic goals. Her work drives DAC’s community change initiatives that align with our most pertinent mental health and substance use concerns. This work also ensures the outcomes we are seeking are effective and impactful. Tanya coordinates with our state partners to communicate our work in a way that helps them to understand the status of our community’s needs and successes. She is a Wife and Mother to two amazing daughters, and a pet-mom to as many animals as she can sneak past her husband (currently 3).

Amanda Clemmer, BA (she/her) | Business Manager | at DAC since July of 2020


Amanda has worked for mission-driven organizations in both Washington, D.C. and northeast Indiana with a focus on advancing women into positions of leadership. With experience in development, event planning, and other administrative responsibilities, Amanda supports the DAC staff in carrying out their mission. When not at DAC, she is busy raising her family and finding other ways to move her community forward.

Kris Wise, MSW/LCSW (he/him) | BRAVE Clinician | at DAC since August of 2022


Kris comes to DAC bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience having served the LGBTQ+ community for over 20 years. He is passionate about his community and believes in the infinite worth of every individual. He provides specialized therapy services for the continuum of sexuality and gender identity care for clients of all ages, as well as family members of queer youth. He has done extensive work within the Standards of Care for Transgender and Gender Nonconforming People and is a member of the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) and the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (NPATH). He is a lover of books and is excited about the library and upcoming book club at BRAVE. Other hobbies for Kris include writing, art, and design, and being dog dad to two cute scruffy puppies Harvey (Milk) and Saul (Alinsky). 

Maggie Clifton (she/her) | BRAVE Program Manager | at DAC since March 2024

maggie headshot.jpg

Originally from Indiana, Maggie has a background that includes education, theatre performance and design, production management, (along with the requisite customer service and administrative positions that accompany the wearing of many hats).  She has served professionally in Boston, North Carolina, the Gulf Coast, and greater Washington DC regions.  She is grateful for the experiences which have allowed her the opportunity to engage with an incredibly diverse array of individuals, and the opportunity to curate a safe space that Builds Radically Affirming and Validating Environments.

Ms. Doris (she/her) | Older Adults Group Facilitator | at DAC since March of 2022


Originally from Tennessee, Ms. Doris has called Fort Wayne home since early in her high school days. Ms. Doris co-facilitates our WISE groups and is the kind and friendly face of DAC at various events throughout the community. She has a striking grace about her that people are drawn to, so naturally her list of admirers is long. It only takes a brief meeting to understand the treasure that is Ms. Doris.

Cristina Sanchez, BS-HSRV (she/her) | BRAVE Project Coordinator | at DAC since November of 2022


A Fort Wayne native, graduate of South Side, lover of plants, books, music, and quiet time, Cristi is a true helper by nature jumping in to assist with all the different projects run by DAC. Her calm and collected aura creates balance and adds harmony in times of chaos. She looks forward to spending time hanging with the youth at BRAVE and adding positivity to the safe space and community there.

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